Diagnosis does no good if you can’t afford the prescription…
​...We help with both!

An oasis in the benefit desert, BasiCare Plus provides creative healthcare solutions for those with little means

A Note From Our Founder

Her name is Chriss and when I met her, she had been greeting people at the front door of our local restaurant for 23 years.  In 2013 Chriss had hours cut and lost her health insurance because of the new healthcare laws.  For the millions like her, working at or near the poverty line, insurance was really not the answer for her to begin with.  Chriss does not worry about catastrophic health events, she has very few assets to protect.  Chriss is worried about missing rent or a car payment because of minor illness.  In many cases, a sick child could be difference between make or break in any month. 

At the time I was consulting in the health insurance industry and worked with several providers of telemedicine, I studied the interaction of the new services with regards medical costs.  During this period the price of these services made them out of reach for minimum wage folks, leaving this population without the convient 24/7 healthcare service.
Today a properly designed network can safely provide consults for 82% of our medical needs.  Also, the service pricing has dropped significantly and now includes unlimited, no copay access for everyone in the house.  For Chriss this means having free access to a doctor anytime for her and her kids.  Since the doctor is licensed in her state, Chriss can have a prescription sent to a pharmacy of her choice.  BasiCare Plus was designed to remove the financial barrier of the medication's cost as well.  Now when Chriss consults one of our doctors and they prescribe a medication, most of the time its free if it's generic.  If the medication is not free, our program will still provide Chriss a discount.

This benefit delivers dignified, free healthcare for most ailments for the employee and their family. When comparing it to the equivalent 5¢ raise, it is easy to see how BasiCare Plus delivers on a promise to help recruit and retain for much less.
As it turns out, this is exactly what Chriss wanted.

Matthew 25:40