Diagnosis does no good if you can’t afford the prescription…
​...We help with both!

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$0 Copay Physician Consults

Health Benefit for Staffing Personnel

Unlimited 24/7 physician access by phone or video for you and your family - ONLY $4.25 / month

BasiCare Plus Telemedicine Highlights:
  • Unlimited 24/7 physician access buy phone or video 
  • $0 copay
  • Unlimited usage
  • Nation's largest telehealth network 
  • Family included​
  • Prescriptions sent to patients pharmacy of choice

82% of doctor consults can be safely handled by a qualified physician using telemedicine.  Click here to see illnesses covered using our nationwide physician network.

Once you have enrolled you will recieve an email with your next steps.  Please allow 2 business days for your account to become active
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